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A well-known mid-sized law firm had a strategic goal to expand its ability to advise holistically in the tech world, particularly in the venture capital and digital areas. Potential strategies included either the recruitment of big name in the market who would lead a team or via the acquisition of a small specialist boutique firm.


Following a briefing meeting with the firm’s senior management, the Fox Rodney team created a targeted shortlist, utilising their existing market knowledge and intelligence. Having discussed the shortlist with the client, the senior recruiters working on this project devised a strategy to approach key players in the market, in some cases with a view to lift-out or the acquisition of the entire boutique.


When the strategy evolved into a merger assignment, the main challenge was to ensure that the various lines of communication between the senior management of each firm remained clear and unambiguous and that the progress of the transaction maintained its momentum to completion.


After a series of votes by each firm, the strategic combination was publicly announced 13 months after the initial briefing meeting.

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